Memories are sacred. Our goal is to help create those memories that you will hold dear for life.

   Like a good book, we feel a sense of place is as much a character as the characters themselves. It is the places we choose to gather with those we love that will help forever transport us back to our most cherished memories.

   Your Day Of is important to us. It is our wish that our clients and their guests will walk into the spaces we’ve tailored to the whimsy of their fancy, and feel transported somewhere natural, splendid, wild, ethereal.

   We are thrilled to custom design flora and fauna as it speaks to the passions of each and every one of our clients. We pull inspiration from everywhere—the Hudson Valley, our favorite novels, childhood memories, the changing seasons, the way landscapes shift in color and shape on road trips with loved ones.

   We promise to style and coordinate each and every place to best match our clients. Whether your palettes are muted or wild, minimal or lush, we are eager to design and coordinate your special day so that it will ring true with your loves and imaginations.

   We want to help shape your story. And we are honored to be trusted with what will become a treasured memory.

   Please contact us to discuss all packages offered.